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The Secret is Out!

Addison Cole is New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster’s sweet alter ego (pen name)!

For years, fans of my (Melissa Foster’s) Love in Bloom series (featuring the Snow Sisters, Bradens, Remingtons, Seaside Summers, and more), have been asking for “sweet” or “clean” versions of the books so they could share them with friends and family who enjoy sweet romance without explicit scenes or harsh language. Now, Melissa’s fans can share the same emotional stories they have come to love by sharing Addison’s Sweet with Heat series (no explicit scenes or harsh language). 

Under the name Addison Cole, I will be releasing each of my beloved, and steamy, Love in Bloom titles in a “Sweet with Heat” version. The new Sweet with Heat series has no explicit love scenes or harsh language, but my voice is naturally passionate, and because of that, the stories convey all of the heat you expect between two people in love (within the confines of the “sweet” genre). The stories and characters in Sweet with Heat remain mostly the same as the Love in Bloom series, however, in addition to the omission of sex and cursing, there are other differences. Since I am starting the Addison Cole catalog with Seaside Summers and not with the Snow Sisters (the very first series within the Love in Bloom 60+ book romance collection), readers who have read the Love in Bloom series might notice a few differences in the positioning of certain characters.

Why use a pen name? Many readers of my Melissa Foster titles buy my books without reading the book descriptions. While I love and appreciate this, I needed a way to slow those readers down to read these book descriptions, since the Addison Cole Sweet with Heat stories are significantly the same as the steamy Love in Bloom series. This is also why “Melissa Foster” is proudly displayed on each cover, and why the book descriptions for Addison Cole include information about each book’s steamy-sister title from the Love in Bloom series.

I am beyond excited about this next adventure. If you love sweet romance with a dash of heat, then be sure to sign up for Addison’s newsletter!

What can YOU do to help spread the news about Addison Cole? Lots of little things! And thank you!

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Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you adore the new Sweet with Heat series as much as I do!



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