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Reading, Writing, and Life, by Melissa Foster
As a parent, I can honestly say that besides imparting strong family morals and ethics, the best thing I’ve done for my children was teaching them to read. The world of books has opened up more than just a venue to eliminate boredom, it’s also opened flood gates of creativity, a world of advanced vocabulary, and windows into different styles of writing.
Reading offers a curious mixture of entertainment and imparting knowledge. I’m constantly amazed at how something as small as a book can offer more enjoyment than roller coasters and ice cream (well, it’s a close call with ice cream), and yet, it always does. Just as a child learns from the simple act of reading, the information I glean from books comes to me without my seeking it out.
Each book, whether I enjoy the story or not, offers different ways to use descriptions, voices, and POV. While writing Megan’s Way, I read many women’s fiction books, evaluating the feel of the characters and their voices, which helped me to determine the best voice to use for my characters.
As a writer, we never stop learning. We can always grow our knowledge base and enhance our skills. Reading is a fun, enjoyable way to do so.
The next time you finish reading a book, ask yourself what themes resonated throughout the story, how deep were the characters, and what was unique about them? If you’re a parent, and your children are required to read a few minutes each night, sit down and do the same. Then ask yourself what you’ve learned about writing from what you’ve read. The more you read, the more you learn.
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