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As an author, we spend weeks, months, and sometimes years on writing and perfecting our novels. We hone our craft and trust the ability of fine editors to bring our books to their very finest pitch. We’re artists, of the written kind. Sometimes, our hard work even pays off, and we reach bestseller status—what a joy! But to gain attention, to get our books noticed, we have to dress it in the right outfit. A killer cover can make a book, just as a cover that is missing panache can stop it in its tracks.
The truth about books, as far as I can tell, is that readers are first attracted to the covers, then they take a look inside. I know I’m a cover girl. I am guilty of scanning covers until I find one that has that certain something that draws me in, then I flip it over and read the summary. If that’s a winner, I open the cover and read the first three pages. If you haven’t hooked me, I’m done. If that initial interest is not there, I never make it any further.


Does that make me shallow, or is that a common occurrence? I have no idea. I have to admit, a poorly done cover is a turn off to me—it makes me feel as though the writer didn’t care enough about their work to think it was worthy of their time and attention.
Nice covers don’t have to be elaborate or costly, they simply have to be neatly done, appealing to the eye, and for me, they have to emote feelings—which may be different feels for every person who sees them, and that’s okay.
The funny thing is, it doesn’t seem to matter which way one publishes; indie, traditional, self, assisted—bad covers are everywhere. Sometimes the author has no say in the final cover—you hear this about traditional publishing very often. But for those of us who do have final say, or even artistic control, I have one thing to say—Authors, please take your time and think like a reader. Reel them in with imagery and wow them with great writing.
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What are your thoughts on book covers? 
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