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We live in a very busy world, run by social media and too many daily obligations to count on one hand. While we’re busy Tweeting and updating our status for the masses to see, there’s something that’s falling behind.

Friendships. I’m not talking about the friendships that can be maintained with 140 characters or 

less, or the friendships that rely on posting every step you make from a bathroom break to stopping at Starbucks. I’m talking about friendships that involve sharing of your thoughts, dreams, and heartaches. Friends to whom you can turn and get serious answers and advice. I’m talking about friendships with women who take the time to answer your questions in a more private setting.

The Women’s Nest is a community for women only, where women gather to support each other and share in the ups and downs of daily life. The Women’s Nest is chock full of women just like you, who have little time to leave the house and share a cup of coffee with their friends because real life gets in the way, but they crave those intimate conversations that our husbands and significant others simply don’t have the desire, or the time, to listen to—not to mention that men and women think a bit differently (sorry, guys).

I founded The Women’s Nest as a free community for women where every member is accepted for who they are. We have a spam-free environment without links and sales on our forums. We talk about everything from education and careers to parenting and books. We have a book club and during the school year we have healthy challenges for all to take part in. We have health experts, physicians, and financial experts who provide free advice to our members. Mostly, though, we offer a caring community where all women fit in.

Come check us out, chat with me, and escape the chaos of your daily life!


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Article originally written for Peeking Through The Pages