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Book Clubs, What’s the Buzz? by Melissa Foster
I LOVE book clubs! It’s that simple. Sure, you think I love them because I’m an author and readers will buy my books, but I spend more time with my book club members than I’ll ever make off of the books that they buy. What makes books clubs so fun for me is the camaraderie. I’ve found book clubs to be more clearly defined as a gathering of like-minded people, who happen to be getting together under the premise of reading and discussing books.
Here are a few things that I have discussed in recent book club chats:
1.     The weather
2.     Any particular member’s new blouse, skirt, jeans, shoes, purse, wallet, sweater, briefcase, etc.
3.     Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie followed by Jennifer Anniston and a collective sigh.
4.     Dessert
5.     Which wine to order
6.     Dessert
7.     Spouses, kids, parents
8.     Great vacation spots
9.     How long we could stay around the table instead of going home to deal with real life
Keeping a book club running smoothly and continuing to keep the members interested can be quite a challenge, not to mention choosing books that everyone will enjoy. I run an online book club on The Women’s Nest, and we usually have a handful of readers, but we’re always looking for new and exciting things to offer, such as author chats. Here are a few tips for running a fun and interesting book club:
1.     Have members offer suggestions each month for the following month and then run a poll for the members to vote on the book
2.     Establish one member to head up the discussion each month, and be sure to allow everyone a chance in the position
3.     Good food never hurts
4.     Mix up your discussions, for example, try something fun like an “in-character” discussion where one member plays the part of one of the characters   and answers the questions in character.
5.     Invite an author every now and again. Many of us love to chat with book clubs.
6.     Every once and a while read a book that is connected to a movie and watch the movie with your book club members. What could be more fun than a group and some popcorn?!
7.     Wine never hurts.
Kudos to book club managers and to the members! Commitments are hard enough to keep in our busy lives, and making time for reading and sharing are areas of our lives to be valued. Good times, good friends, and good reads.
One of my favorite things to do is to chat with book clubs. If you read my books, invite me to your meeting! Skype, in-person, or online. We’ll have a good time!