Melissa Foster Passionate Romance for Fiercely Loyal Hearts

This is not a complete list of characters. Characters who were mentioned in passing, or are deceased, are not included in this list. Characters are alphabetized by first names.

Andre Shaw – Hero
Violet Vancroft – Heroine


Chuck Shaw – Andre’s father.
Kay Shaw – Andre’s mother.

Lizza Vancroft – Violet and Desiree’s mother.
Ted Cleary – Violet’s stepfather. Desiree’s father

Friends From


Dean Masters – Co-owner of Bayside Resort. Engaged to Emery Andrews.
Emery Andrews – Yoga instructor.

Desiree (Cleary) Savage – Violet’s half-sister. Married to Rick Savage.
Rick Savage – Co-owner of Bayside Resort

Drake Savage – Co-owner of Bayside Resort. Owns a chain of music stores. Engaged to Serena Mallery.
Serena Mallery – Co-owner of Mallery & Wheeler Interior Design.

Matt Lacroux – Writer. Married to Mira Savage. Children, Hagen and Holly
Mira (Savage) Lacroux – Rick’s sister, works at Neil Lacroux’s hardware store.


Chloe Mallery -Serena’s sister, Director, Lower Cape Assisted Living (LOCAL)
Daphne Zablonski – Office manager of Bayside Resort and mother to Hadley.
Gavin Wheeler – Co-owner of Mallery & Wheeler Interior Design. Grew up with Desiree/Emery/Violet/Brindle in Oak Falls.

Friends from

Cory Blaze – Glass Blower.
Dwayne Wicked – Member of the Cape Cod chapter of the Dark Knights. Justin’s cousin.
Elliott Appleton – Works at Common Grounds. Gabe and Rod’s brother.
Gabe Appleton – Owner of Common Grounds in Harwich. Elliott and Rod’s sister.
Joni – Rowan’s daughter.
Justin Wicked – Sculptor and co-owner of Cape Stone. Member of the Cape Cod chapter of the Dark Knights.
Rod Appleton – Works at Common Grounds. Gabe and Elliott’s brother
Rowan – Joni’s father. Drives a food truck.
Steph – Writes poetry and runs an herbal shop in Brewster


David Posillico – Chief of Pediatrics at Hyannis Hospital.
Perry – (female) Office Administrator at Outer Cape Health Clinic. Daughter, Eliza.
Dixie Whiskey – Justin’s cousin from Maryland. Red & Biggs are Dixies parents. Also featured in the Whiskeys series.
Brindle Montgomery – Friend of Andre’s. Grew up with Desiree/Emery/Violet/Gavin in Oak Falls. Also featured in the Bradens & Montgomerys series.