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How to put together a pro book marketing plan

For many authors, book marketing is a lot like walking on water—you’ve heard that it can work, but you’re not quite sure how to find that precarious stance that’s needed to succeed. Don’t fret, I have plenty of ideas for you.

Start with the basics: We all know that you need to start with a well-written book that has been professionally edited and has a professional cover.

Request reviews early: Part of any strong marketing plan is obtaining advanced reviews. You can do this in (willing) Goodreads groups, from friends and previous readers, request advanced reviews on Facebook, or even using your mailing list or newsletter contacts.

Prepare your budget: Every marketing plan deserves a well thought out budget. Here are just a few ideas of what you might want to include:

  • Budget for paperbacks for book signings and giveaways
  • Advertising budget
  • Book trailer expense

Create a marketing plan: Starting from scratch can be painful. You might find yourself following so many different directions that you’re scratching your head and can’t remember where you even began. At Fostering Success, we offer CORE courses in platform building, creating an effective online presence, and book marketing. We cover the steps that will help you create an effective book marketing plan designed specifically for your book(s). Courses in self-publishing and social media are also available, so you’ll never feel like you don’t have direction again.

Here are just a few ideas for creating an effective marketing plan for a new release:

60-days prior to launching your book consider the following list:

  • CREATE BOOK TRAILER (or hire someone to do it)
  • SCHEDULE BLOG TOUR, begin 7 days before your launch and continue for 45 days
  • SCHEDULE IN-PERSON EVENTS at local bookstores and some cafés will also host readings
  • COORDINATE PAID ADVERTISEMENTS such as the New Release Promotion and the Social Media Mania Book Buzz from the World Literary Café, Kindle Nation Daily, Ereadernewstoday, Digitalbooktoday. Stagger your promotions
  • CONTACT MEDIA, local newspapers, magazines, and cable television

Good luck, and remember to learn before you leap!

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