Melissa Foster Passionate Romance for Fiercely Loyal Hearts


DDS B00k R3vi3ws: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Everyone knows I love chocolate, but they may not know I’m a fruit and veggie addict. I love being outside and get snarky when I have been inside too long. I’m a hippie mom and let my kids stay up way too late just because I like hanging out with them, and I miss my brothers on a daily basis.

DDS: What got you into writing?  

A passion that was unavoidable. I could not run from the desire to create stories. 

DDS: What was the hardest part about writing?  
It’s really hard to motivate myself to exercise when I’m enjoying my job so much.
DDS: Tell us about World Literary Café (WLC)
The World Literary Café is a literary community built on the premise of giving more than you receive. WLC is where readers and authors unite! We provide education for authors, cross-promotional opportunities, and avenues to connect with readers. Readers will find open chats with authors, free books on a daily basis, and great promotional events. We also cater to bloggers, reviewers, and literary services, bringing connections and promotions, all under one umbrella.
DDS: What’s Women’s Nest all about?  
The Women’s Nest is my labor of love. It’s a community for women from all walks of life. We provide support for each other, share advice, and generally share our days. The Nest is like having a gaggle of sisters who are always there and always care. 
DDS: What would you say is the USP of “Fostering Success”?  
Fostering education for authors everywhere. Fostering Success is the educational arm of the World Literary Café, and it’s designed to pay-it-forward with author education.
DDS: Writing, WLC, Women’s Nest, Fostering Success and you are also on the advisory board for the Alliance of Independent Authors!! And, let’s not forget your personal life. How do you manage it all?
I love controlled chaos. Having grown up with six brothers, it’s all I know. I’m a supreme scheduler, too, so it’s easy for me to keep the pieces of my life organized. I also think I’d be bored without my mind constantly puzzling about something. 
DDS: I bet that there must have been times when it felt a bit too overwhelming. What makes you take on so much and why?  
Yes, there are times that it feels overwhelming, but usually that are when I’m not getting enough writing time in, or my family is being put on the back burner. 
I take on a lot because there are many things I enjoy doing. Helping people is something that brings me great joy, and I decided years ago that I would never be someone who turned others away because I was too busy. There are always a few minutes to answer an email or take a call, and even if I can’t set aside time to review books or beta read for friends, I can help in other ways. It’s also really important to me to help writers understand and spot scams, and understand the ins and outs of this ever-changing publishing world. 
DDS: One advice for bloggers.
Oh, I SO love my blogging friends!! Advice? That’s hard to give, because most bloggers that I know are wonderful at what they do and generous beyond belief. Hmm…. join the World Literary Café’s Author-Blogger connection! The more, the merrier!
DDS: One advice for authors.
Write what you feel. Then put it down and read it in hard copy. Edit and polish until it shines. Hire a professional editor even if it means no Starbucks for six months. Care about the product you are putting forth. Readers deserve quality books. Then… join a writing community. Support will make your writing life more fulfilling.
DDS: Enough of serious talks… tell us 5 Random Funny things about you and your life.
Okay, here goes:
I hate fat free ice cream but eat it because I have the metabolism of a slug
I sleep with a stuffed animal I’ve had since I was five
I only buy character toothbrushes because brushing your teeth should be fun
I love to talk to groups, but hate to be looked at
I believe in ESP
DDS: Quick Choices:-
Fiction or Non-fiction: Fiction
Book or Movie: Depends on the night… Book unless it’s a date with hubby
Beach or Hills: Beach
Dusk or Dawn: Dusk… um, Dawn… Dusk… Dawn… Shucks
Pasta or Pizza: Pasta
DDS: Anything else you would like to say to your readers/fans? 
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Seriously, as I write, I have images of my readers in my mind, pulling my stories forward and guiding them down their paths. Thank you, from the top, bottom, and middle of my heart, for reading my work!! xoxox
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