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1.    How did you get into writing?

I’m an odd duck. I wasn’t one of those kids who carried around a notebook and pencil. I was a major tomboy, with little time for slowing down. When I was in my early twenties, I felt the pull to write—it was so strong, that from that moment on, it’s what I craved.

2.    What do you like best (or least) about writing?

What I like best about writing is that I never bore of the craft. One is never perfect at writing, or marketing, therefore, I’m always learning and trying to make things better and do things differently. What could be better than climbing into your imagination and bringing pretend people to life? There are so many paths to follow—it’s so exciting!

3.    What is your writing process? IE do you outline? Do you stick to a daily word or page count, write 7 days a week, etc?

I’m a total pantzer, but I’m trying to change that. I usually work from an idea and a white board, and during the writing process, I make a storyboard and work from that. I usually develop an outline near the end of the my writing process. Weird, I know. My editor is not pleased with that aspect of my writing, but I’m like a rebellious child—try to get me to follow the common path and I’ll head for the woods instead.

4.    Who are some other writers you read and admire, regardless of whether they are commercially “successful?”

There are so many! Commercially successful, Stephen King. Although I don’t care for all of his details (sometimes), he’s brilliant, and creative, and has endless scary thoughts. I admire Lisa See’s ability to write about different cultures, and I admire Abraham Verghese’s eloquent writing style and his impeccable ability to create unique and vibrant characters. I admire anyone who writes, no matter if they’re published or how they’re published, whether it’s a work of beauty or a rough draft. Writing is a difficult process. As my son once told me, “It’s hard enough to write a paragraph, much less 300 pages.”

5.    Should the question mark in the above question be inside or outside the quotes?

Outside (I called my editor to make sure I was right, lol). 

6.    What’s your stance on the Oxford Comma?

I don’t discuss commas. They always get me in trouble.

7.    What is your book COME BACK TO ME about and how did it come to fruition?

COME BACK TO ME came to me the summer before my husband was to be sent to Iraq. I let my mind wander—what would happen if he didn’t come back, what if something happened to me while he was gone, how would I feel if I couldn’t talk to him. It all stemmed from what was to be, and was written while he was overseas.

8.    What’s your current writing project?

I’m working on a psychological thriller/suspense titled THIRTY-SIX HOURS (working title). Here’s a brief intro:

Kara Knight has just thirty-six hours to find her way out of her obsessive captor's delusional world. Mistaken for Roland Greer's long-lost fraternal twin, Kara struggles to make sense in the darkness that envelops her, and plan her escape, as the hours tick away and Roland Greer plays out his plan. In thirty-six hours, at the exact moment of their birth, he will take them both into death–never to be separated again.

THIRTY-SIX HOURS is a psychological thriller that will make you question your every memory. 

9.    What book(s) are you currently reading?

The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, and Out of Breath by Susan Salluce

10.     Who or what inspires your writing?

Life inspires my writing, fear drives it.

Melissa Foster is the award-winning author of three International bestselling novels, Megan's Way, Chasing Amanda, and Come Back to Me. She has also been published in Indie Chicks, and anthology. She is the founder of the Women's Nest, a social and support community for women, and the WoMen's Literary Cafe, a cross-promotional site for authors, reviewers, bloggers, and readers. Melissa is currently collaborating in the film production of Megan's Way. 

Melissa hosts an annual Aspiring Authors contest for children, she's written for Calgary's Child Magazine and Women Business Owners Magazine, and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa lives in Maryland with her family. Melissa's interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping women see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.
Visit Melissa on The Women's Nest or WoMen's Lit Cafe. Melissa enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups, and welcomes an invitation to your event.
A portion of Melissa's book revenue is donated to Provincetown Cares.
Megan's Way
2011 Beach Book Award Winner (Spirituality)
2011 Readers Favorite Awards, Winner (Fiction/Drama), Finalist (Women's Fiction) 
2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award, Finalist (Spirituality)
2011 New England Book Festival, Honorable Mention (Spirituality)
Chasing Amanda
2011 Readers Favorite Awards, Winner (Paranormal), Finalist, (Women's Fiction, Mystery)
2011 Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards, Winner, (Paranormal)
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