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The kindness and generosity of others never fails to amaze me. Today I received a DM on Twitter from someone that I only know through Twitter. I follow her, and I love her upbeat and personal tweets, and enjoy our interactions. Never could I imagine that she might notice me for anything more than a friendly tweet stream, much less nominate me for an award. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Belinda Witzenhausen, for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Belinda Witzehhausen is one of those women who can do it all, and still has time to reach out to others. She's an editor, writer, creative coach, an artist, and even finds time to host an online radio show. If you don't know her, you should. You can find her on Twitter, @.

As part of being nominated for this award, I have to (1):  nominate 6 others for the blog award, and (2) share 10 things that readers might not know about me.  So, here we go:

There are about a million people I could and would like to nominate for this award, so this is a very difficult process for me. These people live life above and beyond the norm, and give back along the way.

Here we go!

1. Stacy Eaton ~ One of the most dedicated, giving, selfless individuals that one could ever hope to meet. Stacy goes above and beyond the call of duty (yes, play on words, she is a police officer) in everything she does. Besides being the author of two novels, Stacy is also the WLC Drill Sergeant–she keeps us all in line. If you haven't been tased touched by Stacy, seek her out. She will make your world spin.

2.  Nicole Humphrey Cook ~  A brilliant cook, dedicated friend, and super mom. Nicole is someone who reaches to many and also blogs about the most delicious foods you could imagine. Visit her site when hungry…

3.  Daisy Hickman ~  Daisy dishes out inspiration as if it is overflowing, she guides the spirit and gently nudges others to find the beauty in the universe. If you haven't yet met Daisy, I hope you'll visit her and share in her light.

4. Ashley Barron ~ Ashley's website is a plethora of reviews and all things literary. Ashley supports the literary community with everything she does. Thank you, Ashley.

5. Laurie Carlson ~ Laurie is a gem of a friend. She stands up for those she believes in, she supports and gives on a daily basis, and her heart is probably twice the size of most people. Laurie is a gift to those who know her.

6. Christine Cunningham~ Christine is the calm in the eye of the storm. She blogs, reviews, writes, and, maybe most importantly, she reaches out to those who are in need of a virtual hug, a word of advice, or a viral video. Christine is also the WLC Tweet Queen. Thank you, Christine. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.

7. Micheal Rivers ~ I am adding a seventh person, because this man has really made an impact in my life. Micheal is not only a very talented author, but he believes in standing behind the truth, he doesn't waver with support, his ethics are golden, and he blogs about others. Blogger love to Micheal, the only guy on the page.

8. Maria Snell — And I added an eigth because how can one honor bloggers without honoring the this woman? Maria Snell is the hardest working blogger I know. She reviews, blogs, and supports tirelessly. She gives without asking for anything in return. Maria reaches out to authors to make suggestions to their writing and critiques with honest concern and solid skills. Maria, WLC's Author/Blogger Coordinator, is a wonder woman!

10 things that readers might not know about me:

1. I love to dance

2. I won't eat fake chocolate (very often)

3. I once ran from a charging cow

4. I used to have a crush on Shaun Cassidy

5. I usually hate my hair

6. I really do eat entire family sized bags of M&Ms by myself in an afternoon of writing

7. I believe in ghosts

8. I don't believe I'm really 45, and later this year I'll refuse to believe I'm 46.

9. I would give up chocolate if it meant more time with my family (I occasionally waver on this statement).

10. I'm not sure I deserve this award (but I'm very grateful to Belinda for the nomination).

11. I think my mother is a goddess and wish she'd live forever and a day.

12. If you hurt a friend of mine…watch out.

13. I'm a rebellious child, put me in a creative box and I will climb out of it (hence the 13 rather than 10 items).

Many cyber hugs to Belinda for nominating me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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