Melissa Foster Passionate Romance for Fiercely Loyal Hearts
Q: Do you believe in intuition?  Has it worked for you?
Melissa: I do believe in intuition. I believe we all get “gut” feelings about things, and some of us choose to pursue them while others choose to ignore them. I also believe that some people are more open to the higher powers of intuition, like Molly Tanner, in CHASING AMANDA, and those people are very lucky, indeed. Intuition has served me well on many occasions.
Q: If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Melissa: I think I’d like the power to heal. How wonderful would it be to help others find their way out from the claws of an illness?
There are several shows on television that include psychics, mediums, and intuition, ghost-hunting ect. Like many people, I’m a fan of these shows because I’m truly curious and open to the possibility of the paranormal.  Do you watch fiction or reality shows about the paranormal?  If so, what are your favorites?
I actually don’t watch any of those shows. I know it seems silly, since both of my books involve paranormal and spiritual connections, but I truly don’t watch much television. I like to watch television that involves puzzles or movies that involve family or personal drama. When you’ve experienced anything that is beyond the norm, sometimes watching it feels voyeuristic (to me).
Q: In Chasing Amanda, certain details come through dreams.  Have you ever had a recurring dream?  If so, what important messages do you think were being communicated?  Did you listen?
Melissa: I have never had a recurring dream, but I have had the types of dreams that Molly has endured. I listened, yes, but was never given the details to know exactly where they might take place. I find them frightening and very disturbing. I listened carefully, but in the end, could not stop what was to come.
Just for fun I have an "Intuition Test" that everyone is welcome to take.  I asked Melissa if she was game, and being the great sport she is, she took the test and passed with flying colors!  
I (Charlie) received 177/200 – Extremely intuitive! 
Melissa received 192/200 – Extremely intuitive!
Want to find out how Intuitive you are?  Click on the link for a quick quiz.  I'd love it if you came back and share your results in the comments. Let us know!

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