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When I decided to become a writer, I mean really become a writer—drop everything else I was working on and hunker down to actually write my first novel, I didn’t stop to think about if people would want to read it. It sounds funny, but I was so excited about writing, that I hadn’t gotten to the thoughts of what happens after it’s written. When I finally typed “The End” on the first draft, reality came tumbling in, along with worried thoughts about if anyone would want to read my book.

I’ve often said that handing your completed book to readers is like standing on a street corner naked—you don’t know if readers will throw tomatoes or whistle (I prefer the whistles). This statement, I’ve found, is true for every book I write. The worry doesn’t fade.

Imagine my surprise when MEGAN’S WAY was named Finalist in the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. That was quite an honor. I think I must have screamed for 23 hours straight (my family wore ear plugs). This year, MEGAN’S WAY won the 2011 Beach Book Festival Award, which brought tears of joy. The funny thing is, even though some of the worried thoughts have lessened, I still get butterflies when someone says they’re going to read my book.

Now, with the film adaptation of MEGAN’S WAY on the horizon, you’d think my worries would fade completely. People like my book. Whew! My writing has been compared to Jodi Piccoult, which is a great honor, and to add another layer of happiness, my writing in CHASING AMANDA, my second novel, has been likened to Ted Dekker by a lovely reader. I couldn’t be happier with the compliments, and yet, there’s still that flitter of concern in my belly. Every book is not for every reader, and much like ice cream, we’re lucky they come in several different flavors, or genres. I’m thankful for all of the readers who appreciate my books.

I’m approaching the film adaptation with joy and pushing aside my worries about what viewers will think. Those who enjoy the movie will gain entertainment, and hopefully enlightenment of the themes that are woven through the story of friendship, acceptance, and the bonds of secrecy. I have faith in my director, Lynn d'Angona, and know the movie will be as wonderful as the book itself. For me, the honor of the awards and film adaptation are simply icing on the cake. I was thrilled when I received the first reader review, and am just as thrilled with every review I have received since. The excitement never ends (and neither do the butterflies).


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Article originally written for One World Singles Blogspot.

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