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SEASIDE SUNSETS, Beck Valley Books

1. Tuesday 16th December – Attached Moms
2. Wednesday 17th December – Miki’s Hope
3. Thursday 18th December – Recommended Romance
4. Friday 19th December – A Bit Bookish
5. Monday 5th January – Life as Leels
6. Monday 5th January – Espacularaiesa
7. Tuesday 6th January – Marie Clara
8. Wednesday 7th January – My Book Addiction and More
9. Thursday 8th January – The Ultimate Fan Blog
10. Friday 9th January – Kait Reviews
11. Monday 12th January – A Soccer Mom’s Review
12. Tuesday 13th January – Olivia’s Catastrophe
13. Wednesday 14th January – Virtuous Women
14. Thursday 15th January – Ebook Addicts
15. Friday 16th January – My Side of Life
16. Monday 19th January – The Book Stalker
17. Tuesday 20th January – Cali Book Reviews
18. Wednesday 21st January – Divas With A Purpose
19. Thursday 22nd January – My Own Little Corner
20. Friday 23rd January – Sweet Cheeks and Savings
21. Monday 26th January – A Gluten Free Mom
22. Tuesday 27th January – Totally Addicted to Reading
23. Wednesday 28th January – This is me…
24. Thursday 29th January – Book Worm & More
25. Friday 30th January – First Time Mommy Adventures
26. Monday 2nd February – Stressed Rach
27. Tuesday 3rd February – Manic Mama of 3
28. Wednesday 4th February – I Create Purty Thangs


Read the reviews….

1. Tuesday 18th November – Miki’s Hope
2. Wednesday 19th November – Recommended Romance
3. Thursday 20th November – A Bit Bookish
4. Friday 21st November – A Soccer Mom’s Book Blog
5. Monday 24th November – Espacularaiesa
6. Tuesday 25th November – Life as Leels
7. Wednesday 26th November – Sanity is for those without children
8. Friday 28th November – Sweet Cheeks and Savings
9. Monday 1st December – The Book Stalker
10. Tuesday 2nd December – Lynchburg Mama
11. Wednesday 3rd December – Cali Book Reviews
12. Thursday 4th December – Its My Side of Life
13. Friday 5th December – Divas With A Purpose
14. Friday 5th December – Notes from a Lady
15. Monday 8th December – Book Worm & More
16. Tuesday 9th December – Manic Mama of 3
17. Wednesday 10th December – Totally Addicted to Reading
18. Thursday 11th December – Daydreams And Dee
19. Friday 12th December – Stressed Rach
20. Friday 12th December – Booking Another Page
21. Monday 15th December – A Gluten Free Mom
22. Tuesday 16th December – I Create Purty Thangs
23. Wednesday 17th December – This is me


Nov 18th – Adria’s Romance Reviews
(Stop 2) Paola’s Bookshelf (Promo Only)
(Stop 3) Book Freak
(Stop 4) Book Mama Blog
Nov 24th – What I’m Reading
Nov 25th – Crystal Blogs Books
(Stop 2) Blogger Nicole
Nov 27th – Books Like Breathing

SEASIDE HEARTS, Tasty Book Tours

Oct 21st-  Fic Central
Oct 22nd- Brit Nanny Reads
(Stop 2) Booknerd
Oct 23rd- Crystal Blogs Books
(Stop 2) A Bluestocking’s Place (Promo ONLY)
Oct 28th- Racing to Read
(Stop 2) Book Freak


Sept 16th-  Brit Nanny Reads
(Stop 2) PubSlush (Int)
Sept 19th- Renee Entress’s Blog
Sept 20th- Insert Clever Quip Here
Sept 21st- Booknerd
(Stop 2) Fic Central


SEASIDE DREAMS, Tasty Book Tours

Aug 25th- Hot Guys in Books
(Stop 2) Racing to Read
Aug 26th- Jillian’s Books
(Stop 2) Danielle-Claude Indie Books Reviews
(Stop 3) Underneath the Covers
Aug 27th- Fic Central
(Stop 2) Toots Book Reviews
(Stop 3) My Favorite Things
Aug 28th- Crystal Blogs Books
(Stop 2) Rumpled Sheets Blog
Aug 29th- Twin Sisters Rockin Book Reviews
(Stop 2) In Between the Lines
(Stop 3) Ramblings of a Book Lunatic

SEASIDE DREAMS, Beck Valley Book Tours

1. Tuesday 26th August – Attached Moms
2. Wednesday 27th August – Miki’s Hope
3. Thursday 28th August – Our Wolves Den
4. Friday 29th August – The Perks Of Being a Bookworm
5. Monday 1st September – Recommended Romance
6. Tuesday 2nd September – Espacularaiesa
7. Wednesday 3rd September – A Madison Mom
8. Thursday 4th September – More from Mom
9. Friday 5th September – Life as Leels
10. Monday 8th September – I Create Purty Thangs
11. Tuesday 9th September – Stressed Rach
12. Wednesday 10th September – AG LANG Writes
13. Thursday 11th September – Sweet Cheeks and Savings
14. Friday 12th September – The Ultimate Fan Blog
15. Monday 15th September – The Book Stalker
16. Tuesday 16th September – Words of a SAHM
17. Wednesday 17th September – Divas With A Purpose
18. Thursday 18th September – It’s My Side of Life
19. Friday 19th September – First Time Mommy Adventures
20. Monday 22nd September – A Gluten Free Mom
21. Tuesday 23rd September – Manic Mama of 2
22. Wednesday 24th September – Nana Roberta
23. Thursday 25th September – Book Worm & More
24. Friday 26th September – Totally Addicted to Reading

FATED FOR LOVE Tasty Book Tours

July 14th- Sassy Mom’s Say Read Romance  (*Date may change)
(Stop 2) Ramblings From This Chick
July 15th- In Between the Lines
(Stop 2) Hot Guys in Books
July 16th- Brit Nanny Reads
July 17th- Book Mama Blog
(Stop 2) Crystal Blogs Books
(Stop 3) Twin Sisters Rockin Book Reviews
July 18th- Book Freak
(Stop 2) Ramblings of a Book Lunatic
July 21st- Books Like Breathing
(Stop 2) Fic Central
July 22nd- Renee Entress’s Blog
(Stop 2) StarAngel’s Reviews
July 23rd- Racing to Read
(Stop 2) Rumpled Sheets Blog
July 24th- Book Reviews by Lexi
(Stop 2) Romance Bookworm
July 25th- Worth Reading It?
(Stop 2) Falling in Fall Book Blog

TAKEN BY LOVE Beck Valley Book Tour

1. Monday 9th June – Espacularaiesa
2. Tuesday 10th June – Miki’s Hope
3. Wednesday 11th June – A Gluten Free Mom
4. Thursday 12th June – Recommended Romance/Family, Love and Other Stuff
5. Friday 13th June – Words of a SAHM
6. Monday 16th June – More From Mom
7. Tuesday 17th June – It’s My Side of Life
8. Wednesday 18th June – Sweet Cheeks and Savings
9. Thursday 19th June – A Madison Mom
10. Friday 20th June – Divas With A Purpose
11. Monday 23rd June – Life as Leels
12. Tuesday 24th June – Book Worm & More
13. Wednesday 25th June – The Book Stalker
14. Thursday 26th June – Totally Addicted to Reading
15. Friday 27th June – AG LANG Writes
16. Monday 30th June – Stressed Rach
17. Tuesday 1st July – Daydreams And Dee
18. Wednesday 2nd July – Manic Mama of 2
TAKEN BY LOVE Fiction Addiction book tour


Tour Host

4th August Curling up with a Good Book
5th August Book Freak
6th August Sky’s Book Corner
7th August Tome Tender
7th August A Novel Review
7th August Book Mama Blog
8th August MissBookworm Reviews
8th August (promo) Brook Cottage Books
11th August Chicklit vs Fantasy
12th August trips down imagination road
13th August Tracy Riva Books and Reviews
14th August Books are my life
15th August Shaz’s Book Blog

TAKEN BY LOVE Tasty Book Tour

June 9th- Sassy Moms Say Read Romance
(Stop 2) Ramblings From This Chick
June 10th- Book Mama Blog
(Stop 2) A is for Alpha B is for Books
June 11th- Brit Nanny Reads
(Stop 2) Hot Guys in Books
June 12th- Rumpled Sheets Blog
(Stop 2) Ramblings of a Book Lunatic
June 13th- Racing to Read
(Stop 2) StarAngel’s Reviews
June 16th- Renee Entress’s Blog
June 17th- Book Reviews by Lexi
(Stop 2) Fic Central
June 18th- Books Like Breathing
(Stop 2) Twin Sisters Rockin Book Reviews
June 19th- Crystal Blogs Books
(Stop 2) Romance Bookworm
June 20th- In Between the Lines
(Stop 2) Falling in Fall Book Blog


Friendship on Fire Blog Tour – Beck Valley Books

Sea of Love Blog Tour – Beck Valley Books


November/December 2013

Fiction Addiction Blog Tour – Sisters in White Tour Host     Gigi’s Book Blog     Chicklit vs Fantasy     Tracy Riva Books and Reviews     MissBookworm Reviews     Curling up with a Good Book     Book Freak     A Novel Review     Bookalicious Travel Addict     A Generous Helping of Romance     Crawling Over The Pages         10th December   11th December   12th December   13th December   16th December   17th December   18th December   19th December   20th December           


9th December


Book Tour Dates, Destined for Love, Hosted by Beck Valley Books

Book Tour Dates, Sisters in White, Hosted by Beck Valley Books

Book Tour Dates, Where Petals Fall, Hosted by Beck Valley Books

September/October 2013

Tasty Book Tours – Sisters in Bloom Blog Tour


 Oct 14th – abookandalattee
Oct 15th- Sarah Says Read Romance
Oct 16th- Bookworm in Boots
Oct 17th- A Tasty Read Book Reviews
Oct 18th- Book Reviews by Lexi
Oct 19th- Book Suburbia– Promo
(Stop 2) Escaping Reality One Book at a Time
Oct 21st- Racing to Read
Oct 22nd- Storm Goddess Book Reviews
Oct 23rd- Brooke Blogs
Oct 24th- Queen of All She Reads
(Stop 2) Crossroad Readers Book Reviews
Oct 25th- Romance Bookworm Beck Valley Books ‘);
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22nd October

A Novel Review

25th October

MissBookworm Reviews

28th October

Turning Pages

29th October

Supportive Business Mums

30th October


31st October

Me, My Books and I


// ]]>

Sept 16th- A Tasty Read Book Reviews

Sept 17th- Stories About Love
Sept 18th- Romance Bookworm
Sept 19th- Crazy Four Books
Sept 20th- Racing to Read

Sept 23rd- Romancing the Readers
Sept 24th- Sarah Says: Read Romance
Sept 25th- Falling In Fall
Sept 26th- Storm Goddess Book Reviews
Sept 27th- Brooke Blogs
Sept 30th- Bookworm in Boots
Oct 1st- Book Reviews by Lexi
Oct 2nd-Paws and Print
Oct 3rd- Book Mama
Oct 4th- Urban Girl Reader

September, Interview, Love a Happy Ending

September 9, Interview, The Reading Cafe

September 7, Skype session, Friends Book Club (Traces of Kara)


SISTERS IN LOVE BLOG TOUR, hosted by Fiction Addiction


Tour Host

10th September

Turning Pages

12th September


16th September

The Spotlight is on You

18th September

MissBookworm Reviews

24th September

Busy Moms Book Reviews

26th September

Book Freak

30th September

Laura’s Little Book Blog

2nd October

Shazs Book Blog

8th October

A Novel Review

10th October

Tugcenin Kitapligi

14th October

Tracy Riva Books and Reviews

16th October

Supportive Business Mums

22nd October

Me, My Books and I

24th October

Brook Cottage Books

28th October

Everything Books and Authors

HAVE NO SHAME Summer Book Tour, hosted by Fiction Addiction

Follow Our Book Tour and Giveaway

Tour Host
4th June 2013
6th June 2013
10th June 2013
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1st August 2013
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April – June 2013


In-person signing. May 25, 3-5pm, Saturday. Book signing Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick, Maryland

June 28, Writing 4 Two, Interview

May 20, Jera’s Jamboree

May 13, Out of The Bags Blog, Interview

May 12, Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews

TBD, Interview, English Epochs


April 28, Beck Valley Books, Review

April 27, Read Rate Review, Review

April 26, Indie Author Land, Interview with David Njoku

April 26, Manic Readers

April 26, Jackie Burris‘s Blog

April 26, Jenn’s Review Blog, Review

April 25, Stressed Rach, Review

April 23, Book Queen Reviews, Review

April 24, Life As Leels, Review

April 23, Divas With A Purpose, Review

April 22, Let’s Start Saving Now, Review

April 19, Witty Online Editor

April 17, Barbie’s Way

April 17, Andi’s Realm

April 17, Tammy’s Tea Time

April 2, Jordan K Rose, Guest Post

March 2013

March 26, Jane Friedman’s Blog, Guest Post: Agent-assisted self-publishing and the Amazon White Glove Program

March 26, Creatures ‘n Crooks/ Buried Under Books, Guest Post

March 24, Author Gemma Wilford’s blog, Guest Post

March 21, Review TRACES OF KARA, Guest Post, Kritters Ramblings

March 4, Guest Post, giveaway, Glenda Bixler

March 4, Guest Post, Rachelle Ayala’s blog

March 1, Interview, SJ Byrne’s blog

TBD, Guest Post, Peeking Between The Pages

April/May 2013

March 2013

TBD, Guest Post, Glenda Bixler

March 26, Creatures ‘n Crooks/ Buried Under Books, Guest Post

March 24, Author Gemma Wilford’s blog, Guest Post

March 5 and 6, Review TRACES OF KARA, Guest Post, Kritters Ramblings

March 4, Guest Post, Rachelle Ayala’s blog

March 1, Interview, SJ Byrne’s blog

March 1, Guest Post, One Vintage Heart

TBD, Guest Post, Peeking Between The Pages

February 2013

February 28, Martha Emms, Guest Post

February 28, MissusWolf Blog, Guest Post

Feruary 28, Confessions of a Reader, Guest Post

Feb 19-21 – Video Speaker – IndieRecon

February 27, Guest Post. Penny Estelle’s blog

Feb 14 – Hosting online conference for authors with IPR License about selling foreign rights

February 9, 1:00pm, Guest Speaker, Historic Medley Writer’s Symposium, Old Town Hall (now a bank), Poolesville, Maryland

January 2013

January 1, Interview, The Indie Chicks

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